Provide systematic solutions for hazardous waste treatment and
disposal (materialization, incineration, landfill, resource reuse) in China

Fluid HW Container HWF-800

分类: Hazardous waste packaging solutions

– Authorized by BAUER (Germany).
– Fully sealed and leakproof.
– Carbon steel, galvanized.
– Can be reused for a long time.
– Can be filled with liquid hazardous waste.
– Can dynamically track the whole progress.
– Can be stacked.

specification(length*width*high,mm)L1000 × W1200× H1233
weight(kg)about 220KG
materialQ235Bsurface galvanized
othersLogo painting
Product and Operation instructions

– Can be loaded with the hazardous waste, such as emulsion, oil-water mixture etc.
– Can not be loaded with highly corrosive liquid waste
– Attention! strictly follow the packaging and transportation specifications.  By uncertainty please ask the EHS department.
– No mixture from different liquid wastes
– For the filled liquid tank: three bolts on the cover plate must be tightened
– By pouring or pumping waste liquid: with stainless steel filter
– By loading and unloading: by forklift or wire rope
– By Transportation: the liquid tank can be stacked in 2, but the tightening measures should be taken during transportation
– Stack: empty containers can be stacked in 3,  filled containers in 2
– Cleaning: liquid tank must be cleaned regularly

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