Dr. ZHAO Xuemin

Dr. Zhao got his doctorate in economics from Bielefeld University in Germany in 2005. He worked for Xiamen Xiangyu group co., LTD (one of the top 500 enterprises) before his research in Germany. In 2006 he joined in Remandis Group, the largest environmental protection enterprise in Germany. He was in charge of the business for Chinese market.In 2020, Dr. Zhao left Remendis Group to start his own company.

Dr. Zhao is a senior expert in the field of hazardous waste. He has knowledge about the international advanced technologies related to hazardous waste. He has obtained several invention patents such as soil remediation and packaging container for hazardous waste.

Dr. Zhao is the first person who introduced products and technologies for hazardous waste from Germany to China, such as production of alternative fuels, standardized packaging containers and so on, which has improved the level of the whole industry.Dr. Zhao is committed to introducing advanced technology and improving the overall level of the industry.

Now he has two start-up companies under her name: changzhou deshen environmental engineering co., LTD. (company for industrial sewage treatment) and Shanghai DeSUN environmental technology co., LTD. (a company for hazardous waste equipment and technology).

Dr. Zhao is a member of CPPCC committee of Putuo District, member of Shanghai Federation of Maritime Affairs and member of Overseas Chinese Federation.

Sales Director
Mr. Cao

Master of chemical machinery engineering from a 211-university.
1 year operational experience for environmental protection equipment in Sinar Mas Group.
6 years management experience of municipal environmental projects in an Italian enterprise.
4 years of environmental management experience in the field of coal-fired power plants, incineration for power generation in a state-owned company.

Expert from Germany
Dr. F. Schode

Graduated in Chemistry.
In 1986 started his career at an industrial company for hazardous waste treatment in southern Germany. And so now he has already nearly 33 years of experience.
Responsibility for treatment: 20,000 tons / year organic / water mixture treatment (demulsification), inorganic wastewater treatment (like acid and bases), leachate and other evaporation plant for leachate and other inorganic salts of wastewater.
Then head of the customer care service department at the same company.
And then general Manager of Texaco Ruess (a subsidiary of REMONDIS).
2012-2015 as General Manager at Changchun FAW-Remondis.
– is good at technical training related to hazardous waste treatment and work safety.
– has knowledge about technologies in hazardous waste treatment: for waste producers, most of course in chemical physical processes.
– gives waste producers advice to help them to make the waste less dangerous or less in amount.