Provide systematic solutions for hazardous waste treatment and
disposal (materialization, incineration, landfill, resource reuse) in China


International team
Experts from Germany, France, Japan and China

Combination of domestic and overseas training
Cooperate with famous foreign institutions and enterprises

Professional, practical and deep
Relevant qualification certificates

Combination of general and individual training

Combination of online and offline training

Combination of theory and practical experience

Our characteristics and key competitiveness

Our educational philosophy

We provide students with practical, high quality courses to enhance their professional competence.

We have cooperation with well-known European (German) vocational schools, training institutions, and domestic experts and scholars.

We introduce European, especially German knowhows and technology, provide systematic and general training courses. We can also offer online or offline coursess as requested.

After passing the examination, the students can be directly employed by our cooperative enterprise.
A certificate is possible.